What Is the Cost of a Land Clearing Project?

Clearing a large lot from various things like trees, bushes, stones, etc. is a daunting job. It requires thorough upfront preparation and the use of heavy machines. This blog post is about the factors determining the cost of your project:

The size of the parcel. If you are a farmer or run an agricultural business, you will probably need to hire land clearing professionals to help you with this difficult task. Removing large bushes, stones, trees, other vegetation, and debris from a certain piece of land can range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars depending on its size. Typically, the larger the parcel, the higher the price is.

The challenges around. Another important factor to consider is the difficulty of the terrain you need to be cleared. Is it flat or slopped? Is it too bushy, grassy, or heavily forested? If there are big pieces of rocks, stones, and other heavy obstacles, you will have to pay a higher price to your excavating contractor. The harder the job, the higher the cost is.

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