Factors Determining the Price of Swimming Pool Removal

Installed a swimming pool in your backyard? Swimming is a great way to stay fit but during your pool’s lifespan, it will cost you hundreds of dollars in repairs, parts replacement, and proper upkeep. Now you suddenly realize your kids have moved out, your house is half empty, and you no longer need it. It’s time to remove it. Perhaps you will be curious to find out what factors determine the price of such a project:

  • The size of your pool. This is a very big factor that will determine the final cost of your project. A bigger swimming pool will take more equipment and manpower to be removed, so the price will be higher.

  • Access to your site. As you can probably guess, if your pool is easy to access, it will be easier to remove. Is there anything that will be blocking the way of the machines? If so, the removal will be more difficult, will take longer, and, therefore, will cost you more money.

  • The type of removal you want. Some people prefer a complete swimming pool demolition. This kind of process includes complete demolition of your pool’s structure, removing all its components, and filling it with sand or soil. You could also hire an excavating contractor for a partial demolition. This means removing only the top layer of your pool. If you choose the second option, only the top few rows of tiles will be destroyed. After that, several holes will be drilled to its bottom and filled with gravel. Then, the whole pool will be filled with dirt.

  • Special city requirements and regulations. They include any special requirement for disposal of debris, types of dirt that you can use to fill the pool afterward, etc.

  • Location. The location of your swimming pool matters too. Different excavating contractors offer different rates for swimming pool removal projects. If you live in a region with a high standard of living, you expect to pay more compared to one with an average cost of living.

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