The Reliable Demolition Contractor You Deserve

big excavation machineIn business for more than 30 years, Pivato Excavating has established itself as a leading excavation and demolition contractor in the North Lawrence, OH area, offering our clients excellent services to help them start their projects in the most efficient way possible and make the most out of their properties. Our business is fully licensed and insured, and our team consists only of well-trained and prepared workers. Our exceptional demolition and excavation services, combined with our quality workmanship and complete dedication to our customers’ satisfaction, make us a highly preferred choice in our local community.

Demolition, excavation, and land clearing jobs are complicated and cannot be performed by inexperienced individuals. Doing them the wrong way can be dangerous, can compromise the overall construction site and the project, and may result in the need for even more work. Here is where we step in! Our experienced team knows that safety is of the greatest importance, and we don’t cut corners. And what is more – we work at affordable and competitive pricing rates that are unmatched on the local market.

Pivato Excavating is a skilled and knowledgeable demolition contractor that will make sure the job is done correctly. If you’re planning a landscape remodeling or new construction project, we offer the professional demolition, land clearing, and excavating services to help you complete all necessary improvements. Our solutions for your major and minor projects will ensure your removal, digging, grading, lifting, or sloping needs are met. If you want to take advantage of our high-quality services in North Lawrence, OH or to get a free estimate, call us at (330) 835-8408 today!

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